Sidingulwazi Environmental Centre Holdings

Let us lift our communities as we rise.

What We Do

We are in a mission to lift as we rise

Waste Management

Identifying and cleaning up of illegal dumps.


Establishing mini recycling facilities


Repurpose recycle every material that we come accross

Organic Compost

We collect food and garden waste to make compost through Bokashi

Who Are We?

About Us

Sidingulwazi Environmental Centre Holdings is a social enterprise founded on four pillars i.e. For Profit, social impact, socio-economic development and environmental impact.

Since its establishment in 2014, The enterprise has been intimately involved in projects which earmarked deliberately at empowering and uplifting those of our society that are most vulnerable i.e. women, young people suffering from drug addiction and child headed households.

Want To Work With Us?

Partnerships And Association